XAVI Meet the Guy behind the Tunes

XAVI (xavier) is dubai based Dj born in Colombia. His love for groovy selections going from Deep house progressions to progressive tech sounds, makes his style very unique.

Constantly evolving and picking up impulses, finding new music and trying to make a story behind his gigs rather than just playing weapon after weapon.

His roots began back in 2005 in Bogota playing in some of the most popular clubs in that city along with some of the best Dj’s of the city. Since his young age XAVI has been influenced by notorious Djs around the globe. His roots come from old school hip/hop golden era (90’s), some old school rock, grunge, indie/electronic and new era sounds. Always trying to make part of the underground movement of each place he’s been to. His most recent gigs have been in Dubai along with NODJ agency, Lost tribe family, Desert Dreams family, Deep Tribe and their popular parties in that city.

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