Tyler Brooker Engineering Student From U.K.

2nd year engineering student from the UK who makes dance and electronic music for all to enjoy.

I started making electronic music back in January 2017 whilst I was in Sixth-Form (first year), only uploading my work to YouTube and SoundCloud, but barely got any exposure.

I remained dedicated and eventually people started paying attention, so I was able to receive criticism to improve and refine my sound. After many originals and remixes, I finally had the confidence to release my first track, Rush, to major platforms like Spotify via TuneCore back in January 2018. I started university in September 2018 and continued to regularly produce EDM and house music, eventually earning radio and podcast plays, an interview on BBC Radio Essex, and improved attention on multiple platforms. I released my first EP, Absolute, in May 2019 and have made more than 100 original tracks and remixes, even having others remix my work. I'm current still in Uni trying to figure out what life has to offer, whilst also continuing to push forward with my music, because I'll never give up doing what I enjoy.

Youtube Channel