Meet Alan Long from Argentina

Alan Long (03/04/88) started his career as Psytrance DJ, playing at big festivals around the country and with the biggest names of the world (Psykovsky, Glosolalia, Will O Wisp, Frantic Noise & many others. At his 26 he discovered the world of Deep/Melodic Progressive House and Techno, where he has already had the opportunity to participate in various events in the region, leaving his musical mark.

He is also in charge of "molo + co producciones” and currently carrying out the residency for the “musicAL meetings” series, as well as his series of Podcasts “Connecting People” (# 024 editions are on his Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages).

In April 2019, he was crowned Champion of the First Progressive World Cup, carried out by the most active Facebook page of the genre, "Progressive in Spain", where more than 50 artists from around the world participated.

He had the opportunity to play in various cities in the country, such as Córdoba, Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes, Capital Federal, Neuquén, Cipolletti, Bahía Blanca, Santa Rosa (La Pampa), Las Grutas, Campana, El Bolsón.

And shared a booth with artists such as: Chicola (Israel) - Guy Mantzur (Israel) - Stas Drive (Ukraine) - Marcelo Vasami - Fernando Ferreyra - Brigado Crew - Kevin Di Serna - Deep Mariano - Mariano Mellino - Ezequiel Arias - Sebastián Busto - Lucas Rossi - Nicolás Rada - Emi Galván.

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