Maga Sounds Project from Brazil Next Release 04/25 .

Maga Sounds, artist pseudonym of Guilherme Alfaya, is an Electronic Music project from brazil based mostly in Techno.

Engaged with music since 8 years old, he tries to bring up to his productions a bit of everything he has visited by this passing years, being influenced since from blues and jazz, to psytrance and pure techno.

The new album, Journey, is composed by 7 tracks which emerge all his identity and style, being even difficult to classify in a genre chart. Melodic, but also heavy and powerful, the album brings the most legitimate signature of the artist and in each song you can feel puzzled as the same way as uplifted and euphoric.

Tell us Who are you?

I’m from Recife, Brazil.

Got engaged with music when I was 8. Starting playing guitar. Since then, music was basically my life. I had bands, learned other instruments, but never took it as a profession. Two years ago I fell in love with ableton live, then quitted my job as designer and started trying to live by music producing.

My love story with techno started one year later on DGTL Festival. Names like Amelie Lens, Roman Flugel and Jeff Mills enhanced my ears with something I never tried before. Was instantly love.

The release is a melodic techno album, but a bit difficult to classify. I tried to put on it all my identity and style, with all the influences I had this passing years with music, resulting on melodic vibes with a lot of ambience and hypnotic elements, but also very strong, uplifting and euphoric.

I always try to put all my personality as musician in my tracks. They are unique because they come from my feelings and me. They involve a deep, strong and melodic ambient for the listener that tries dig you’re their feelings through elements and no words poetry.

Full album coming out 04/25 by Zoma Records