JP DXB New Unofficial Remix. Mañana en el Abasto (Ft. Luca Prodan)

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Luca Prodan was born in Rome on 17 May 1953 of Italian and Scottish descent after his family returned from China .His father had set up a prosperous business in ancient Chinese pottery that became untenable after the Japanese invasion of China during World War II.

In his youth, Luca was sent to prestigious Gordonstoun College in Scotland -- the same Prince Charles of England attended. He escaped Gordonstoun a year before graduation and moved to London soon after.

In the 1970s London Luca worked at EMI and formed his first band, The New Clear Heads, which shared aesthetics with contemporary punk acts like XTC, The Fall, Joy Division (a name he later translated to Spanish for Sumo's first album Divididos por la Felicidad) and Wire.[6]

After living in London and Manchester -- where he was allegedly seen hanging out with Joy Division band members -- Prodan accepted an invitation from Gordonstoun schoolmate Timmy McKern to visit his family farm in the Traslasierra zone of Córdoba province in Argentina, thus helping his old friend relax and stay away from heroin (Luca was devastated by the death of Ian Curtis).Arriving in 1981, he started composing and recording songs at home in a portable studio he had brought from London. Later, tired of the quiet countryside life, he and Timmy relocated in Buenos Aires' Hurlingham area, interested to join the town's underground music scene.