Five Tracks to Test Your Speakers

From Techno and Progressive to drum and bass, here's our selection of some of the best dance music to test your system.

What is a test track?

Its simplest, it's a piece of music you know well, which you can use to reveal how a system sounds. If you're changing something in your system or auditioning a new product, listening to your chosen test tracks will allow you to hear what sounds different, thereby helping reveal a little information about a product or system. 

Download the best music


Some tracks will make this easier than others by being great tests of certain aspects of music. Timing,dynamics, voices. Stereo imaging.Treble and bass. Having a range of tracks that together cover off these essentials simply makes the business of comparative testing easier. But remember, you should be using music you love first and foremost.

With each passing year, it only seems more implausible that this was released in 1974. Kraftwerk really were doing half a century ago what many are still trying to do today.

More ground-breaking electronic music, this time coming from Detroit. Juan Atkins and Richard Davis deliver fresh electro sounds that would be sampled for years to come, and lay the foundations for the city to deliver techno to the world.

Frankly, you can take your pick from Aphex Twin’s back catalogue, both in terms of delivering quality music and testing tracks for your system.

Underworld do lush and epic better than most and this is possibly the best example.

Mancunian electronic music producer Claro Intelecto is as dedicated to his dub techno sound as he is to his crystal clear productions. Complex layered rhythms and sounds are given plenty of room to breathe, allowing you to pick out individual ticks, pads and thumps as as readily as you can sit back and take in the brilliant whole.