Egosapio From Paris To The Technosphere

Originally from the Altay Mountains, Russia, Egosapio lives and produces his music in Paris.

From a rock and metal background, he turned to producing electronic music after having worked many years as a language teacher and a lawyer.

His mysterious sound has also been compared to that of Scattle.

Although one may notice techno influences in his music, it’s definitely not your average 4/4 techno. His latest release “Matière" offers a very fluid and immersive techno sound.

The slow 3/4 progression gives it a very hypnotic and cerebral feel, and the melodic arrangements have a trippy flavor to them. The track flows and evolves with a wide and catchy baseline. Most of the sounds used in the track are rather unorthodox for the genre, and its multi-layered complexity can bring out elements that you may have missed on the first listen.

Here his last release , enjoy !