Desert Dream DXB 2o19


This is a Public Announcement

To whom it may concern:

In the past few hours we’ve been avalanched by requests and demands to perform at our upcoming event on the 29th of November. Hereby, taking into consideration our social ethos, we would like to clarify and lay out the principals on which we are building the fundaments of our community and striving to support everyone’s desire for self-expression and personal growth.

Being a RADICAL GIFTING based economy, we are going to take significant steps and attempt to involve all the artists in the communal effort we are trying to enforce. What we would like to see in the new season is more assistance and support from everyone who wants to have DD as a platform for self-exposure. We are working it on the basis of mutual benefit where we collaborate and support each other in various ways. We are sure all the artists have some valuable skills that we can utilize...e.g. setting up, breaking down, helping us manage various aspect of the operations, taking shifts with us, helping to clean up etc. In other words the more love and support we will see the more we will give back and even guarantee you a place in our hall of DD heroes ❤👊❤

🖤 Remember, Desert Dream is NOT built FOR is built BY YOU 🖤

IF YOU CAN DREAM IT , YOU CAN DO IT! #desertdreamdxb