7 Years of Analog Room with: Denis Kaznacheev / Siamak Amidi

Its birthday time of the year and we are turning 7, Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev will be playing his debut show in Dubai for our 7 year anniversary party alongside our resident act, Siamak Amidi.

Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev has received a healthy level of acclaim and attention as one half of Easy Changes, the loosely termed ‘minimal techno’ duo who have amassed a sizable following since 2007 through releases on their own Nervmusic imprint and other well respected labels such as Grow Vinyl, FoundSound, Sleep Is Commercial and Arma . The time has now come for to Denis to embark on a side project of music created solely by his own two hands. And a few machines. His pensive sounds weaves subtle grooves in amongst discordant synth blasts, electronic bleeps and whirrs, tripped-out FX and tinges of organic instrumentation to create a truly fascinating juxtaposition. The first output of his new endeavour had seen the light of day, naturally, through Nervmusic - with a remix from Romanian hero Rhadoo - before a collaboration with labelmate Laurine Frost as Syud yields an EP, also with a label mates Alka Rex and plenty more to follow.